Today is James' birthday.  Every day we try to honor James' memory by doing what he would have done, we support our service members in any way we can.  Most of us can't fix people like James could, but we can still help them have a better day, or even look forward to life when things aren't going so well. You can thank a vet, call up a buddy who's active duty/deployed/back from combat and see how he's doing.  Do it to make a difference, do it for James...consider it a birthday present. 

I never got to meet James.  Through the event of his death, I was introduced to Brent, and over time I've learned a lot about James.  I know I'd have been very excited to meet such an amazing young person.  I do catch glimpses of him in his family, though...the bravery, compassion, determination,'s all there spread out in the people who raised him, grew up with him, and loved him.  

It might be James' birthday, but he's given us the gift.  He's touched our lives to make them more vibrant, more meaningful, more worth living.  James truly made this world a better place to live, and he will continue to do so as long as we keep his memory alive.  

Happy Birthday James Ray! 

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