There have been a few questions regarding why this site is up on the internet.  To answer those who question:  It's here to help those who loved James to connect and heal. 

After being told many many stories by James' Navy and Marine brothers, James' father had a site put together where these stories could be shared.  Due to the fact that many of these Corpsmen and Marines are still active duty and very busy, the stories have not come in to be added yet.  They will be added as soon as possible.   James was all about healing those who needed to be healed.  There are far too many people that are broken still due to James' absense and James would have understood the power of connecting and sharing in order to heal. 

And finally, there is never any money made by James' father on this website or any other event he gets involved with.  Mr. Layton does not endorse ANY project or organization.  


James' name will never be used by Mr. Layton to raise money for anyone.  If anyone is raising money and or using the name James Layton other than those authorized by state law AB 585 (Cook) it is illegal.