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I will always remember James as a 2 year old running up and down the halls of the house with a cape on like a super hero.James was the first blonde grandchild born to the family. We loved his blonde hair.

James as he got older was always funny, chuckling about something.

James was the first grandchild to give my mother the grand title "Mema" This set precedent. She has been "Mema" ever since. And little did any of us know how significant that name became. Everyone calls her Mema even friends do!

I will always remember James and his brothers Jon and Jesse on Sundays all dressed in their Sunday best. What a handsome threesome they were in their Sunday best!!Three little blondes. Jordan, James sister had not been born yet.

James loved his brothers Jon, Jesse, Brandon, Sage and his only sister Jordan. He was so sweet with his littlest brother Sage when he was home before deployment, we have pictures of James holding Sage that are so precious to us all!

James always had a smile from ear to ear and a hug and a kiss for all of us. We miss the hugs and I Love You's very much.



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